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the scrolling tutorial in clickteam's games factory 2

Design an API by imitating a GUI design success? This is based on a tutorial for games factory 2's scrolling.
  1. control-n to start a new project
  2. in workspace, click on frame 1, then in properties, click on 'virtual width', and change the default (640) to larger (6400)
  3. switch to frame editor (control-m)
  4. make a quickbackground object, something to see (alt-i, o, quick, tab, enter, click)
  5. make an active object (alt-i, o, act, tab, enter, click)
  6. give the active object the 8-direction movement (properties/movement/type/eight directions)
  7. switch to the event editor (control-e)
  8. make an always condition (alt-i, d, right-click on the special computer with a question mark, select always)
  9. right click on the intersection between always and storyboard controls (a chess knight in front of a chess board), and select scrollings/center window in frame
  10. in the dialog, pick 'relative to', click active, edit x and 7 to 0, ok
  11. test it by running it F7
If you take that tutorial, and try to render it in lua-esque syntax, you might get something like this.

require 'framework'

-- start a new project
the_game = new_game()
-- change the project default frame 1 to a larger-than-default virtual width
the_frame = the_game.frame[1]
the_frame.virtual_width = 6400
-- add something to see
table.insert(the_frame.objects, new_quickbackground{ x = 100, y = 200 })
-- make an active object
player = new_active{ x = 200, y = 300 }
-- give the active object the 8-direction movement
player.movement = EIGHT_DIRECTIONS
table.insert(the_frame.objects, player)
  new_event(ALWAYS, center_window_in_frame{relative_to = player, x = 0, y = 0})


Can I develop a framework where this syntax works? Yes, sortof - using SDLFW (which is a young libsdl-bound-to-lua thing), I made something that sortof works:

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