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Idle Speculations

16 September
Confused and temporarily employed, with a degree in math.
4-bar linkages, a miracle of science, agoric computing, ai, algorithms, anime, artificial intelligence, baen books, batmud, blind source separation, board games, bond graphs, books, catastrophe theory, category theory, cellular automata, charles stross, chocolate, chunky peanut butter, coding, cognitive science, compilers, computer programming, computer science, computers, computing, contra dance, contra dancing, curry-howard isomorphism, d&d, dancing, david weber, ddr, diana wynne jones, diane duane, douglas hofstadter, dustin/sarah, edward gorey, eric flint, escape velocity, explanation, fairy tales, fantasy, feminism, finite automata, fire, flcl, folklore, free software, functional programming, functional programming languages, gaming, geek girls, geeks, gilbert & sullivan, girls, goms, greg egan, haskell, haverford, haverford college, higher-order functions, homeschooling, honor harrington, hoods, iain m. banks, integer sequences, intelligent conversations, interactive fiction, juggling, lambda calculus, language design, lewis carroll, linguistics, linux, literate programming, logic, long hair, love, major kusanagi, many worlds, markov chains, math, model search, moxy früvous, moxy fruvous, nanotechnology, neal stephenson, nerds, nethack, nomography, ocaml, open source, open-source, optical flow, ordered binary decision diagrams, passive dynamic walking, paul simon, peace, peanut butter, programming, programming languages, proof search, protocol analysis, reading, reinforcement learning, rock paper scissors, rogue, role playing, role playing games, role-playing, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpgs, scheme, sci-fi, science fiction, science related memetic disorder, scifi, self improvement, sf, shadowrun, sleep, sleeping, stealing lj interests, strategy games, terry pratchett, tetrahedra, the princess bride, they might be giants, transhumanism, trees, truth, type systems, type theory, type-directed programming, unschooling, vernor vinge, video games